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Buying a used car one of the most critical decisions to make. Most people want to be sure that they are proceeding with a trusted dealer for purchasing a used car. Used cars are basically secondhand cars that will allow the users to get their own car with less financial investment. This is the best option for the people who maybe earning less, or who are not able to purchase a brand new car for any reason. With our affordable prices, you will not feel that you are getting the best possible value. We are trusted dealers who only deal in good quality second-hand cars.

Live life in your own lane.

Mallorca Car Hire is the #1 dealer in the used car sales services. You can contact us anytime with your car requirements. We assure you that we will get a perfect car for you, as per your budget. You will never regret getting a car from us. We are proud of our exceptional used car selling services. We never ask for any advance deposit. You can pay for the car once you are fully satisfied and decided to purchase the car. Our team members are friendly and will explain to you every single benefit and disadvantage of the car. You can trust our smart used car services.

24/7 customer support

Along with all other services we offer customer support to our clients to resolve all their doubts and queries.

Why choose us?

We are not only a trusted brand but our vehicles are of premium quality. Our cars are carefully selected by testing every single parameter. We ensure that our cars will be with you for a long time.

No advance deposits

We never encourage our customers to submit advance payment. This is the reason why we are popular among them.

Tips For Buying A Used Car​

Take A Good Look Around The Glass Panels Of The Car

First of all, you need to check carefully if the glass panels of the car are  without issue. This is very important because  the glass will no longer be our responsiblity once you have purchased your car.

Test The Suspension Of The Car

Check if you are feeling bumps during driving or if it is pulling to one side. If this is the case  these  maybesigns of bad car suspension, so take them seriously.

Check The Frames For Damage

Make sure the frames of the car are in a good position and not broken. Take your time to examine the car from every angle.

Check If The Lights And Tyres Are Working Fine

Lights are very important to check along with the  car tyres. Check the condition of the tyres and  if the lights are working properly .

Check The Doors

Make sure the doors are not making any noises and they are also opening as well as closing without any hassles. 

Check The Seats And Dashboard

Check the car seats for comfort. Make sure the seats are able to position at different angles and the seatbelt is in a good position.

Go For A Test Drive To Test If Everything Is Good During The Drive

A test drive is a must while purchasing any car. When you are driving, you will be able to feel if your vehicle has any problems. Make sure your car is running smoothly on the roads to keep you safe.