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Mallorca Car Hire, are the trusted dealers for your new car purchase. With us, you can experience the ultimate test drive with a wide range of cars from the big brands. You can select the car and take a test drive before purchasing a car. You will have a wide variety of luxury cars to choose from. You can visit us for the most amazing and budget-friendly services. So if you are searching for the right car that will meet your requirements then you can come to us. We assure you that we will never let your expectations down

Looking For Your Dream Car ???

Are you looking for an organization that will offer you complete focus and time for selecting your dream car? If yes, then we are here with a wide ranging catalog including standard to luxury cars. You can book an appointment and select a car for a test drive. If you are new to the Island and feeling confused when purchasing a car, then come straight to us. We will analyze your individual requirements including your family size, budget, and affordable payment options to make things easy for you. You can check the car for efficiency and we also provide a free transfer with each car. This means you don’t then need to go anywhere else for the car transfer paperwork.


Tips To Consider While Purchasing A New Car


This is the most important thing to consider. Make sure the car you are purchasing has airbags to save you from any kind of accident.

Anti-lock Brakes

The car should have brakes that will help you to stop the car suddenly in case of an emergency. It helps to prevent the car wheels from locking.


The car engines should be able to bear the high power or support the high speed of the car. You need to consider if your car engines are in good condition and you don’t face any problems while driving.


The car warranty assures that the brand is confident about its [product. Most new car brands offer 5-10 years of warranty. So always check that the company is providing adequate years of warranty.


You must know how you want your gears to function. There will be two options one is manual gear and another is automatic gear. Make a choice first and after that start looking for the cars which match your transmission requirements.

Why choose us For Your New Car?

If you want to purchase your dream car while saving money then you must come to Mallorca Car Hire. We offer cars from all the small to big brands at an affordable prices. If you are thinking about the quality then we make sure that we will never compromise with the quality of the car. We make sure that we will sort out a lot of car options that will fit all your requirements along with the budget. We have something to meet all the different requirements of the clients. With us, you don’t need to deposit the advance payment. Also, you can choose the payment method from the various options available

24/7 Customer support

We allow our clients to get all the answers to their questions anytime with 24/7 assistance or the support team of Car Hire Mallorca, Spain. You can call us anytime to get assistance with all the queries of new car purchase services with us.

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Select your new car from our wide range of cars including standard to luxury cars. Once you select the car then we will assist you with your purchase.